Monday, November 13, 2017

On Stage Stampin' Up! Melbourne 2017

Hi All,

Very exciting time for Stampin' Up! demonstrators all over the world. It's time to gather and learn more about fabulous products, so we can bring them home to you. It's also time to meet up with friends and have fun. If you would like to join us, contact me to find out now. 
This little project is for some of my fellow demonstrators who are lucky enough to be in Melbourne, and I just wanted to give them a little surprise.

What we usually do, is to make a card or any item you like with current items. This time I have broken the rules, just because this suits the day. You can use any current product to make the same card. I just wanted to Remember those who had fallen for the rest of us. Very brave Men and Women.
These cute little cello boxes are a great gift idea, fill them with anything you like.

Will keep you posted with more when I can.

Happy Stampin'



Gloria Sperring said...

I love your card-box. Have my own ideas for Christmas. Can you explain how to make these cards? TFS!

nyobre said...

Hi Gloria,
All I did was cut a piece of A4 in half, then folded just like making a card. Measured in 1" from the right hand side, and cut down 1 3/4" across 2" then up the other side. Cut through both thickness's of cardstock. I used the Stampin' Up! cello boxes that are 2" cube.
Hope that helps. Glad you liked it.
Regards Cheryl

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