Monday, July 17, 2017

Multi-flip card Tutorial.

Hi Everyone , been asked by several for a tutorial on a card I created for my grand-daughter. I have never done one before so I hope you can understand it. I have looked everywhere for the card I was inspired by but can't find it anywhere. 
Here's my grand-daughters card firstly. 

Front of card


Firstly cut 2 pieces of card stock 5 3/4" x length of A4 sheet.

Take 1 of those pieces and score at 4 1/8"
Then move the whole piece of card stock so the scoreline, lines up with the 5" mark
Then you will need to score every 3/4" right to the end. 
There will be this much to much, just cut off so the last bit measures 3/4".
Take the second piece of card stock that measures 5 3/4. X A4 and start to score from the beginning every 3/4" x5 times.

You will need to cut the excess off. So line the last score line up with the 4 1/8" mark. And then cut the rest off. This should measure the same as the the large area on the first piece. These create front and back of card.
So you need to fold valley then mountain, and then you stick both pieces together.
You can make this card have fewer flips or more, you just to more or less scoring.
Joined together. This card has 7 flips
Adding flips, cut 14 pieces of card stock 2 3/4". X. 2 1/2"
Stick the top flips on to the left side of the mountain, level at top of card.
Stick the bottom pieces onto the backside of the mountain. (Oops I wrote right side on note for top it's the left sorry)
All pieces in place.
Bottom view

Cut 14 pieces of co-ordinating card stock.
If you want to decorate or emboss these pieces this is the time to do it, before you stick them on.
Cut 3 pieces of card stock, 1 -  Front, 1 -  inside front, and 1 - inside back.  I used coloured card stock for front and w/w for inside pieces.  Cutting size 5 1/2". X  3 7/8"
Before putting on front cover, you will need to measure ribbon. Wrap it around you card, the ribbon keeps your card together.
Attached ribbon under the card stock for front.
Inside of card. Attach the inside front and back pieces. Decorate how ever you like. 

Hope you understand these photos and you enjoy creating your own flip card. Please post some of your card and tag me into them so I can see them

Happy Stampin' 


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