Saturday, April 23, 2016

Endless Birthday Wishes Card Class - Stampin' Up!

So very happy with how these cards finished up. Stampin' Up! Created this class for us so it was so easy to hold a class. I added a little twist to these cards just to step them up a bit, and very happy with them. Added the limited stamp #imbringingbirthdaysback , and this helped me with a challenge that Sara Douglas CEO of Stampin' Up! set for us. #6monthstampingoal to hold one extra event each month for 6 months, so this is my first.
Added some embossing with the small stars folder, and created a front for the card.
Added embossing with the large polka dots, and made a extra front.
Added embossing with small dots and also an extra front.
Embossed the extra front piece with the chevron embossing folder.
I'm hold this class tomorrow, so the lucky guests booked in will enjoy a great couple of hours creating their very own. If you are interested in doing this class, contact me, and I can arrange another class.

Happy Stampin'


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