Saturday, May 31, 2014

Grand Vacation - Allure of the Seas cont.

Back to continue our trip.

I think this docking at Jamaica, get a little confused at times. Absolutely beautiful clear blue water.
Matt and Paul watching as we leave Jamaica, what a view.
Relaxing at the private beach we were lucky enough to go to.
Resting back a beautiful swim in the warm water. 

We had dancers, drinks delivered to us on the beach, and wonderful food to enjoy, what's not to love about that.
Farewell to Mexico, we left the place empty, great day enjoyed by touring around Cozumel .
Most nights when we returned to our cabins we would have a little friend to greet us. Sorry for lack of shots, but they are on camera not iPad.

First nights pillow gifts, we were just so spoilt.  These lovely velour towels, have Stampin ' Up! On the top, and they hook over your beach lounge and don't come off. They thought of everything. Also have a great pocket for your money/ jewels etc.

Filtered water bottles for our day excursions, day 2 pillow gift.

Day 3 pillow gift was a voucher to go onto our Sea Passes on the Allure, mine went towards a new camera, as ours took a little dip in the sea at Haiti. Oh dear, not the best idea to do, but the photos were saved. 

We received this lovely little rubbish bag, filled with sweet treats on day 4. Love the chevron pattern. Everyone received different colours.

This shot is of Day 5 pillow gift, Matt and I both got a lovely pullover or jacket, they are so warm, love them

Day 6, wow wonderful new product, very happy.

Day  7, we received this lovely shoulder bag, so soft and a great size.

Thank you Stampin' Up!

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