Saturday, May 31, 2014

Grand Vacation - Allure of the Seas cont.

Back to continue our trip.

I think this docking at Jamaica, get a little confused at times. Absolutely beautiful clear blue water.
Matt and Paul watching as we leave Jamaica, what a view.
Relaxing at the private beach we were lucky enough to go to.
Resting back a beautiful swim in the warm water. 

We had dancers, drinks delivered to us on the beach, and wonderful food to enjoy, what's not to love about that.
Farewell to Mexico, we left the place empty, great day enjoyed by touring around Cozumel .
Most nights when we returned to our cabins we would have a little friend to greet us. Sorry for lack of shots, but they are on camera not iPad.

First nights pillow gifts, we were just so spoilt.  These lovely velour towels, have Stampin ' Up! On the top, and they hook over your beach lounge and don't come off. They thought of everything. Also have a great pocket for your money/ jewels etc.

Filtered water bottles for our day excursions, day 2 pillow gift.

Day 3 pillow gift was a voucher to go onto our Sea Passes on the Allure, mine went towards a new camera, as ours took a little dip in the sea at Haiti. Oh dear, not the best idea to do, but the photos were saved. 

We received this lovely little rubbish bag, filled with sweet treats on day 4. Love the chevron pattern. Everyone received different colours.

This shot is of Day 5 pillow gift, Matt and I both got a lovely pullover or jacket, they are so warm, love them

Day 6, wow wonderful new product, very happy.

Day  7, we received this lovely shoulder bag, so soft and a great size.

Thank you Stampin' Up!

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Grand Vacation - Caribbean Cruise on the allure of the Seas.

Arrived at Fort Lauderdale very late, just in time to order dinner at 2255hrs, 5 minutes before kitchen closed. Enjoyed soup and crusty bread, long time since breakfast.
We stayed at the Hyatt Peir 66, and had th ever best view, breath taking.
As you can see this was at night, now a couple in the morning.
Would loved some time to enjoy Fort Lauderdale, but can't look a gift horse in the mouth.
We all waiting in the foyer very excited, meeting and greeting each other, and meeting new and old friends.
Alison and Alan Linnett, Matt and Myslef, and Jennie and Niel Cass.
I was lucky enough to meet Sandi MacIver and her Randy. Lovely ladies, and Sandi so talented.
A very big hiccup before we board the Allure, computers went down, and through everything into chaos, security into top gear. 3 hour wait, so many rude, aggressive and inpatient people, very entertaining while we waited. Well done to the security girls/boys, they were onto the line jumpers, very funny.
View from our window, deck 14, amazing.
Goodbye Fort Lauderdale, see you in 7 days.
Had a wonderful first night, exploring the Cruiser, and a full day the follwing day at sea. Very calm, great weather.
South Pacific meet and Greet on the Cruiser. Sharing a laugh with Sara Douglas (Shelli's daughter), Alison Linnett (my downline), Me, and Pam Jorgenson ( my up upline)
Shelli loved my shoes, and thought they worth a try on, so I purchased some and took them to her at the South Pacific Convention, but they were a slight different colour. Comfortable shoes with Style.  Shelli made me a thank you on stage at Convention, demonstrating the new Polymer Stamps, and popped the money inside and got me to come all the way down to the stage to receive it.  She is such a lovely lady.

Will continue with another post tomorrow, must go and do some real work.

Happy Stampin'


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Holiday in the States

 Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted for awhile enjoying a holiday in the states. Visiting NYC, Washington DC, and now on our way to Fort Lauderdale to meet many other Stampin' Up! Demonstrators, and board the Allure of the Seas. Getting excited now. It appears to be raining heavily in a Fort Lauderdale and flights have been diverted, so hoping that's not going to be us.
Just a few shot of place we have been, and will share more of the cruise at a later date. Thanks to all my wonderful customers and downline/up line fir their continued support.
NYC by night
Niagara Falls
George and myself
Now Matt and myself, at the Botanical Gardens Washington
Capital Hill
Washington embossy day
Mayfair Hotel where we stayed. Beautiful place.

Take care everyone and Happy Stampin'

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