Monday, May 16, 2011

Swaps from Convention 2011

I have gone through some of my swaps and here are a few of my favourites. There are so many fantastic ideas it was so hard to choose.  There are so many talented ladies out there, and they are all willing to share there ideas, so here we go:  Enjoy.

 Melissa Mulcahy
 Kerin Thorne
 Pam Jorgensen
 Marija Paic
 Melinda Rowe
 Tracy Penn
 Sandra Miller
 Kirsty Brown
 Carolyn Bennie
 Nicole Goding
 Project we made at Convention with Upline Pam Jorgensen. Pam also demonstrated this is a workshop on stage. Thanks Pam, we loved it and you were fantastic.
 Delys Cram - Delys presented a workshop WOW, and it was a Wow.  Unbelievable Scrapbooker. thank you Delys.
 Narelle Macey
 Amanda Baker
 Rachel Woodland
 Paula Dobson
 Jeanette Smith
 Jane McGlade-Smith
 Talented Jodie Price - Downline
 Talented Kaylene Schultz - guest of Upline
 Another one from Kaylene
 Talented Melanie Dunstan Downline
 Talented Donna Krelle - Upline
 Talented Leonnie Bish - Downline
Talented Kathy Faulkner - Downline
 Tracey Eaton
Inside of Kathy's box.
I hope you have enjoyed these samples, now its your turn to have a go and create a few for yourself.  If you need any help contact me and I will help as best I can.

Happy Stampin' 


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