Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas Card Day at Murray Downs Resort.

Yesterday we had our day at Murray Downs Resort. It was extremely hot, but our setting was fabulous. We were in an air conditioned room looking out onto the pool, surrounded by palms and many happy swimmers. And we all stamped on merrily getting our cards finished. We enjoyed Morning Tea of Scones jam and cream. Had a wonderful lunch of cold meats and many salads and hot spuds with sour cream, and afternoon tea we had many different slices. So it wasn't a day for the diet. Here are a few shots from the day.

Linda, Who didn't have the best start of the day (had a flat tyre). Sue and Debra (1st time at a SU event) having a great time.

Naomi, Bev (Happy Birthday Bev) and Hilda, who have mastered the techniques.

Vicki, Kate and Daeanna, fastest girls on the circuit. Finished early they wanted to stamp on a candle.

Carole, Loreto and Merrilyn (oops I cut the wrong size red circle) having a great time

Bev and Naomi they were cruisin'.

Kristin and Susan (my newest downline SU Demonstrator) Welcome aboard, you will love your time with Stampin' Up!

Cheryl and Julie having a wonderful time. They were waiting for Rhonice who came in time for lunch.

This is Rhonice, Rhonice was amazing she completed all her cards with a little coaching from her partners in half the day. Well Done.

Tricia and Christine, this was their first SU event also. Trica came all the way from Echuca and Chrsitine from Manangatang. welcome and I hope you both had a great day.

So you can see we all had a really good time and everyone completed all there cards, and many also completed a cardle or 2, which was a workshop WOW from Regionals, Melbourne 2009.

Happy Stampin'


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