Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Matt turned Fifty

I am finally back. It has a been a busy time. Matt has just turned fifty, and the whole family came home. Justin & Maddi from Wood Wood, Dan & Marn from Mildura and Emily & Stu from the Gold Coast. We had a great time all together, our family gatherings are few and far between, because of distance. We all had to gather at the Nyah Trots, as Matt (husband) and Danny (son) were both driving. Matt didn't do so well, but Danny got a 3rd and two 2nd's by a nose. Matt trains the horses, and Danny does most of the driving. After the trots, we all came home to cut the big cake, and blow out the candles. Emily (daughter) and Maddi (grand-daughter) decorated a huge mud cake.

Then it was off to Adelaide, for the Trots at Globe Derby. Matt loaded the horse up, and all the family followed to barrack. Brazen had the perfect run, until the last 500 metres and the poor thing broke down with a sore knee, we thought we had it in the bag. He tried right to the end, ended up with a 5th, and a knee the size of a footy. After a couple of vet visits, he has ended up in the paddock for a well earned rest.

Matt's photo board over fifty years of his life.

Matt & Maddi blowing out the candles

The birthday cake decorated by Emily & Maddi. Yes horses all over it!!!

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